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Schlafen im moon Lounge Chair mit Teddyfell.

A place to dream, to doze
and to nestle yourself into.

A den to relax, enjoy a book
or experience music.

A private little hideaway.

Entspannen im moon Lounge Chair.

moon is a lounging chair

moon is a space within a space. Due to its smooth curves, it’s elegantly incorporated into its surroundings. Confidently, it awaits its guest in quiet anticipation. 

Detached from the outside world, within moon you are completely by yourself. Cushioned and comfy, you soon lose track of time and your surroundings. At last, some leisure for things for the things, that are good for you. At last, some peace and quiet. At last, snug and safe.

No matter, which position you take within moon, it lets you take a break from your day-to-day life. In it you can be a hermit, an astronaut or child again. Lost in a daydream, moon. accompanies you on a journey. A journey within yourself.

Entspannen und Musik hören im moon Lounge Chair.
Beine hochlegen im moon Lounge Chair Liegemöbel.

„An organically shaped microspace.
Design for body, mind and soul.“

P. Voigt & T. Storelli (Designer)

Two intersecting spheres of 120cm and 60cm diameter generate a 180cm long freeform surface of the lounger moon.

Due to the choice of material, a high-performance glass fiber reinforced thermoset, the entire lounging chair can be produced in one piece with a wall thickness of only 2-3mm. The gelcoat and Lacquer finish provide a long-lasting protection.

The edge is realized as an inwards directed semicircle. This gives the lounging chair a high rigidity and also serves as a carrying aid and concealed attachment of the internal padding. moon is upholstered throughout its entire interior. The piece of furniture is set on a padded fabric ring.

The entire manufacturing process is done by hand. Made in Germany.



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Schlafen im moon Lounge Chair mit blauem Teddyfell der Firma Steiff.

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